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Data Controller

Biazzi srl, Via Aselli, 8 Cremona - 26100 - CR, P.IVA 00376020194
Website: www.palazzoglori6.it
Email: info@palazzoglori6.it
Phone number: +393491692337

System cookies

The site www.palazzoglori6.it uses cookies to ensure a better browsing experience for the user; these cookies are essential for proper enjoyment of the site. You can disable these cookies from your browser by following the directions in the dedicated section, but you will compromise your experience on the site and we cannot be held accountable for malfunctions.

Duration of cookies

Cookies have a lifetime dictated by the expiry date (or a specific action such as closing the browser) set at the time of installation.
Cookies can be:

  • temporary or session
    (session cookies): these are used to store temporary information, allow links to actions performed during a specific session and are removed from the computer when the browser is closed;
  • permanent
    (persistent cookies): these are used to store information, e.g. your login name and password, so that you do not have to type them in again each time you visit a specific site. These remain stored on the computer even after closing the browser.


Managing Cookies

If consent has already been given but you want to change cookie permissions, you have to delete them through your browser, as indicated below, because otherwise those already installed will not be removed. In particular, keep in mind that it is not possible in any way to control third-party cookies, so if consent has already been given previously, you must proceed to delete cookies through the browser (dedicated section) or by asking for opt-out directly from the third parties or through the site: http://www.youronlinechoices.com/it/le-tue-scelte

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